Sasha, Alex: Unlikely cafecito pals

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Sasha Tirador hunting for
clients at a recent meeting.

Who would have thought that the two warring sides in the Hialeah elections could sit down to a cafecito at Chico’s on West 12th Avenue over race relations? Not Ladra.

But that is what happened Saturday afternoon when former councilman and candidate Alex Morales — who is running on an anti-incumbent slate and platform — met with absentee ballot queen Sasha Tirador, who worked for former mayor Julio Robaina‘s failed county mayoral bid and is now on the staff for four of the five incumbents (proving again that councilwoman Vivian Casals-Muñoz has been made an outsider). Both said they had been longtime friends and brushed off the meeting as if it was nothing unusual — even though each said the other had called it.

But Ladra is pacing and growling, anyway.

Julio Martinez, Raul Martinez and Alex Morales at a
recent city council meeting.

Morales is in an open seat and Tirador said she is helping his last minute challenger, former Housing Authority board member Lourdes Lozano, who everyone knows was planted in the race by the mayor. The professor said she told him at the time that she was not helping Lozano, but he is also running on a slate with former mayor Raul Martinez, former mayor Julio Martinez, former councilwoman Cindy Miel and former police officer and Hialeah Housing Authority official Danny Bolaños. Tirador is representing the incumbents in three of those races: Alcaldito Carlos Hernandez, Council President Isis “Guttermouth Girl” Garcia-Martinez and Councilman Jose Caragol.  She says she is also working for Pablito “Huh” Hernandez and “helping” Lozano, who is not an official client, run against Morales, her “old friend,” and force him into a runoff. She says she is not representing gun dealer and permit-smirker Tony Vega in the challenge against Casals-Muñoz, where Bolaños is running. “I will not represent Tony Vega. At least, I don’t think so.” But Ladra doesn’t believe that she is going to work on everybody in the incumbent slate except Vega? We think Tirador is out to get Vivian (more on that later) and that Vega and Hernandez are becoming allies before our very eyes and, so, I can’t help but think that Tirador will be collecting iffy absentee ballots for Vega, too.

One of the reasons I believe she is working, or advocating, for Vega is because one of the anonymous facebook profiles that have been attacking Bolaños and Martinez — and, most recently, me — sent me a personal message late last night with inside details about the cafecito meeting. “The conversation was really intimate of a classified nature… cozy and honest,” wrote “Ernesto Mirabal,” which is not the real user of the facebook page that used to be known as Hialeah First. It is the name of the man that Martinez had a physical altercation with on the Palmetto Expressway some years ago, an episode we will come back to later since it will become part of the smear campaign. The anonymous author (read: Vega or one of his campaigners) wrote that Morales had tried to distance himself from Bolaños, who had the weakest showing of the Back to the Future campaign slate in the firefighters’ poll. “Even the signs are distanced and never on the same pole. He thinks the only ones that can win are Frank Lago and him out of his whole slate. Even Raul is not where he wants to be. Food for thought. Ask him.”

Always a skeptic, Ladra did ask. Even though Lago is not on the slate — not yet, anyway. Both he and “Daring” Daisy Castellanos were at the grand opening of the Martinez/Morales/Bolaños campaign office Sunday afternoon and Martinez mentioned both candidates’ names in his platform speech.

Morales, who would never say that Martinez is not in the lead (c’mon, he is a very smart guy) and has consistently told me to watch as every incumbent is unseated in November, said he said no such thing. But he really didn’t have to. He’s not stupid, after all. He is the professor for something. And while he may have been dismayed early on by the numbers in that poll, Morales has been supporting Bolaños for months and says his momentum has increased tremendously. They’ve walked together and put up signs together. Many of their signs are posted side by side on fences and in yards. “I have put Danny’s signs up and he’s put up my signs. I have put my signs together with his. We have made the decision to support each other.” Besides, he knew that Tirador called him with some ruse about housing authority campaign rules so she could try to get some intel on the strength of the bonds between the slate mates. “She was there to obtain information on our slate and how committed we are. And I told her we were very committed,” Morales said. Tirador confirmed that. “Alex Morales made it very clear that he was supporting Danny,” she said.

But Tirador also told Ladra they met so the professor could get her professional assessment. “I have known Alex Morales since I was 14 and I’m 37. He was asking me for advice,” she said. I had to ask: Advice about what? “That’s a private matter between Alex and I. I’ve never had any issues with Alex Morales. Why shouldn’t I talk with him? We were jut picking each others brains.” It was so cordial, in fact, they walked over to Morales’ parents’ bakery in the same shopping strip and he gave her a tres leches.

“I met with Alex Morales because there is no reason I shouldn’t meet with Alex Morales and it’s not like the first time we are on opposite sides that we meet anyway,” Tirador told me. “Just because you’re on opposite sides doesn’t mean you can’t meet and pick each others’ brains.” Well, wait. Was he asking you for advice or were you picking each other’s brains?

And, yeah, just because you are on opposite sides does kind of mean that you can’t meet to pick each others’ brains. Or you can’t meet and expect everyone to think it was on the up and up. Most people I know would think it was odd. Like Martinez, who does not trust Tirador since she was accused of tampering with absentee ballots during his failed congressional run against Lincoln Diaz-Balart in 2008. (She was investigated, but the case was closed because while there was evidence that tampering occurred, they could not prove it was her doing).  Martinez was apparently not happy about the meeting.  “I told Alex, ‘Why in the world would you want to meet with that individual? Sometimes, he thinks he’s too smart. I love him, but I want to kill him sometimes,” said Martinez, who will only admit to supporting Morales, Bolanos and the other Martinez “because I want Caragol out of there.” Miel has to try harder if she wants his active support, he said. (More on that later).

But all this proves, Martinez said, is that the incumbent side that Tirador works for is trying to cause a rift or break within the Back to the Future cast. And, Ladra said, it proves that Martinez is not always completely in control of his crew.

56 Responses to "Sasha, Alex: Unlikely cafecito pals"

  1. Julissa Diaz   September 19, 2011 at 3:34 pm

    Hold on a moment, Julio Martinez AND Danny Bolanos are on the same ticket? Please tell me this is wrong or a typo PLEASE!! To say Julio Martinez and Raul Martinez wish each other ill would be like saying that militant Islam dislikes the infidels, THEY CAN NOT STAND EACH OTHER, but I can see where they would get together for a common goal, never put it past Raul on who he aligns with to meet his objective. BUT Danny Bolanos helping and being on the same ticket with the man who allegedly caused his mother's mental breakdown???? A man who had such a contentious relationship with his father that it is public record, a man who suspended his father TWICE. I really am at a loss…. Danny please tell me you are not arm in arm with Julio Martinez.

    BTW: Ladra I NEVER AGREE with you and think you are wrong most of the time AND BIAS to boot but I just can't stop reading.. it's like crack!!!! LOL Thanks!

  2. Anonymous   September 19, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    What a meeting indeed. Hard to reconcile. They must be really smart in Hialeah or full of shit. Would be interesting to have seen Robert E. Lee and Ulysses Grant getting together to pick each other’s brain about the war they were waging against each other… and Ms. Del Valle would you care to elaborate on your coining of Alex the Professor? Really?

  3. Anonymous   September 19, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    Julissa,sounds like you’re a masochist who is easily entertained… get a life.

  4. Julissa Diaz   September 19, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    I wouldn't talk you are on here too, take you own advise.

  5. Anonymous   September 19, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    Elaine you've done so much drug abuse that its causing your to be paranoid. Ever try becoming a food critic ?

  6. Anonymous   September 19, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    This is so funny. It seems that the closer Ms. Ladra gets to the truth the deeper the insults come. Ms. Ladra, Please do not stop pushing the buttons of these politicians here in the city of progress. This reminds me of the man in the City Of Miami named Al Crespo. He has caused quite the commotion by exposing the truth there. Every community needs a watchdog, but inside Hialeah they will tear your life apart when you expose the truth. I have read many a post on this whole mess and see that Will, Responder, Julissa, and a few more seem to be tied not only to Mr. Robaina but also Mr. Hernandez

  7. Anonymous   September 19, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    I’m here too Julissa, but I’m not easily entertained nor on crack. I don’t brown nose the moderator for browning points. You putz… are you related to Pansy?

  8. Anonymous   September 19, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    My guess is that Morales is at the very least interested or why attend such a meeting!???? Houston the Martinez slate has just shown weakness the weak link being Bolanos

  9. Anonymous   September 19, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    Your guess is not an educated one; Your guess can cut both ways… they have free GED classes at Hialeah high… look into it… maybe Pansy can join you there.

  10. Anonymous   September 19, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    Fired reporter you continue to amaze me with your stupid reporting. Let morales meet who ever he wants you dumb pothead!!!
    We know martinez is your boy and only because morales speaks to the otherside is no big deal.

  11. Anonymous   September 19, 2011 at 9:23 pm

    Hey putz above… I think we are all amazed, as to how you continue to be amazed by a fired reporter and pothead… I guess it begs the question; who’s the idiot? You should also take advantage of the free GED classes; maybe you can car pool with Pansy and Julissa.

  12. Anonymous   September 19, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    Ok, ok. Whoever this person above is has some fetish with me (assuming it's the same person as in the other posts but after all there's no one else who would feel compelled to bring me up time and again). At any rate let's talk about who needs a GED here. You have still not answered the original question I asked you and instead have continued to deflect. You bring zero to the table and your pointless attacks on Ladra who writes an interesting blog even if I don't like who she seems to be pushing (ie I'm falling into Rudy's camp)are unnecessary and not at all relevant to the issue presented for discussion. The fact that you actually posted how long it took you to write a post the first time we "met" demonstrates just how childish your argument form is. Please for the love of god and all things sacred put something worth reading on the thread.

    Your beloved,


  13. Anonymous   September 19, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    Pansy, you must have me confused. I have never written about how long it takes me to write a comment. (I welcome you to find it) It’s irrelevant and petty, much like your defensive comments about substance… you wouldn’t know intellectual substance if it hit you in the face…

  14. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 10:33 am

    Maybe it's Sasha who is working as a double agent, hedging her bet. Her and Alex wlaking on the same sidewalk I could have sworn I heard the earth rumble in Hialeah last week.
    I wonder how much money the rock has put in Ms. Tiradors pocket.

  15. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 11:02 am

    That's exactly what I was thinking. It's not the first time Tirador sells out one campaign for another. She's the scum of the earth but than again so is anyone who hires someone that steals from the electoral process and democracy. Sasha your days are numbered your a parasite on the democratic process and there will be justice one day soon. Stop stealing elections sashita. Alex very disturbing that you would meet with someone like her. We all know you mean to get elected so you can destroy Julio & Julio but this meeting was pretty low even for you.

  16. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 11:10 am

    Elaine DeValle & Political Cortadito are the official mouthpiece of the Hialeah firefighter's union. This is a revenue generating activity for Ms. DeValle whom rents her writing and skills to the Union as a make or break agent for their political favorites. Elaine has a special relationship with the Union whom seems to direct her in the way of the fire. How else can this aging woman afford to follow politics in Hialeah every day without earning a single dime and still manage to fee her crack addiction? You can fool some of the people some of the time….

    Mario Pico & Eric Johnson —- Nice Try teamster bully tactics don't work here in Hialeah.
    Union has been broker admit it, go to work or work elsewhere.

  17. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 11:19 am

    Hey dickwad above, that’s what bloggers do, they blog.

  18. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 11:19 am

    I have always wondered how this woman makes a living ?? and the above post makes all the sense in the world. I think that if proven, this dirty union tactic would work against the fireman's union in a really bad way. They should stand on their own merits instead of using smear tactics to try and influence public opinion. Specially if they are not forthcoming and disclosing of this relationship. It's a shame and it detracts from them. They don't need this type of dubious relationship!

  19. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 11:22 am

    They blog for free? obviously in this case the fire union is paying the bills for her. She backs all the union friendly candidates… coincidence ? NOT !!! This crack baby is on the take. How much ?!?! and what do I get ?!?!

  20. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 12:04 pm

    Hey you righteous anon’s above! Do you also believe that smurfs live inside of mushrooms somewhere in the forest? Bloggers, political hacks (low caliber ones, Vanessa Britto), consultants, campaign staff, all get paid one way or another… no secret there. The only people taking questionable money is you! You are probably on someone’s payroll and should be working right now; instead you’re hanging out on blogs during working hours … real cute. BTW, I’m retired, not from the fire union and have all the free time in the world. You must also be related to Pansy, he tends to through fits and talk with a certain tone of righteousness…

  21. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    I've been reading this blog for some time and what's been said about this blogger getting paid by the fire union is on point! — Her leanings are just too blatantly biased towards the union. She seems frustrated at times because there does not seem to be any significant backing for their argument. And now their whole slate is breaking up with Alex Morales jumping ship! —- It be not be good but it's always entertaining. Hialeah, I will always miss you but I'll never come back.

  22. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 1:35 pm

    Sounds like you never left…

  23. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    My goodness this woman is shoving Bolanos down our throat ! This guy is a bad seed just like his bank robbing brother ! They must really thing we are Def Dumb and Blind !

  24. Paula N Dominguez   September 20, 2011 at 2:55 pm

    She says she is not representing gun dealer and permit-smirker Tony Vega in the challenge against Casals-Muñoz, where Bolaños is running. "I will not represent Tony Vega. At least, I don't think so." But Ladra doesn't believe that she is going to work on everybody in the incumbent slate except Vega? We think Tirador is out to get Vivian (more on that later) and that Vega and Hernandez are becoming allies before our very eyes and, so, I can't help but think that Tirador will be collecting iffy absentee ballots for Vega, too.

    On what grounds is this drug addict look alike, paid Journalis, bias to our real issues as a community, none important, ignorant, low class, and unimportant person is underminding a law abiding citizen, community caring person as Tony Vega? It is incredible how ignorant people or anybody now a days can due to some cash put down someone who is trying to do for our city. You dear to put down someon you dont know, someone you havent had the plasure to know as a person and for the right amount of 0 on a check annihilate a good man. i am a 23 years old female, who supports Tony Vega and will always believe on those who know the real needs of our society…
    also i hope you understand the assumptiongs/accusations, and publications you are making about Vega collecting Absentee ballots is a serious one, and i will think very wisely before you write things which you know nothing off!

    Paula N Dominguez

  25. Citizen of Hialeah   September 20, 2011 at 3:04 pm

    Poor Danny Bolanos I know Elaine is really a cheerleader for him but he just can't seem to shake that past as a dirty cop and riod rage rouge. I think he needs to take care of that business before he can seriously consider getting a vote from the public…. I know his line that he was a falsely accused police officer with many comendations isn't fooling anyone!!?? Any thoughts…

  26. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 3:41 pm

    “Citizen of Hialeah” My thoughts: First you should change your name. Hialeah is not a country yet, hence you are probably a citizen of this country, at best. You could be a “resident of Hialeah” though. As far as Bolanos, don’t sweat it too much. He won’t be the first or last person to be elected with a questionable background. It’s called democracy. The people at the polls will soon decide… regards to Pansy

  27. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    It's puzzling why Bolanos puts himself throught he abuse of elections. Last time he did horrible against the unknown Cue. Somehow I think that he is trying to prove he's a good boy after all. I guess the union wants him there to say yes to a millage rate increase but to me he's not worth the risk.

  28. Ladra, the public watch dog   September 20, 2011 at 5:07 pm

    This is such an old and boring argument. First, I worked for Carlos Gimenez (said the Julio Robaina camp). Then I worked for Raul Martinez, because I asked legitimate questions of Carlos Hernandez and his political favors for campaign contributors and employees who do his bidding. Then they said I was on the payroll for Danny Bolaños, I guess simply because I decided early on to support him. But I am honest and open about being anti-incumbent and Mr. Tony Vega entered that race after I decided to back Danny. I told Vega, honestly, when I visited his gun shop Monday that he can convince me he is the better choice. But he can't do it just badmouthing Danny and being an echo for Hernandez. He declined. Said he won't waste his time. Is that my fault? Am I supposed to be convinced simply because he says so? He says I am on the payroll and repeated it a dozen times even though I told him and swore that I was not getting paid one cent. Do I have to believe him even if he doesn't give ME the benefit of the doubt? It doesn't give him much credibility with me on anything else when he insists on a lie.

    As for the fire union, paying me. That's ridiculous… er, I mean a really good idea. They don't pay me, but they should. In fact, I am going to reach out to unions across South Florida about hiring me to help them control this smear campaign by politicians everywhere that are making scapegoats out of public servants to cover up their financial mismanagement and favors. I could sure use a steady income (work as a freelance writer and content producer, but not for politicians, is not so lucrative these days). But I am not currently the union's paid mouthpiece. We work together. In other words, I work WITH them, not FOR them, because we have common goals (transparency and ending corruption). They allow me to use their office space, a desk (only when you aren't there, Jim), wifi, printer and phone. They have helped me pay for public records (which I pay out of my own pocket because, again, NOBODY pays me). They have bought me lunch once or twice and keep me supplied on cuban coffee, Diet Cokes and cortaditos (which is my habit these days). Ladra generally loves firefigthers. All of them. Miami-Dade, Miami, Coral Gables and, yes, Hialeah, where they do more with less. Firefighters everywhere will have a friend and ally in me. I am grateful for everything they do, the sacrifices they make to work in a thankless job where they risk their lives to save even a lying scoundrel like Julio Robaina. That makes them much better human beings than I am and it's an honor that they trust me and treat like one of their own.

    By the way, Rudy Garcia bought me a couple of croquetas once and Modesto Perez, who is supporting Garcia, bought me a medianoche today (it is very, VERY hard to tell an older Cuban man NOT to pay for your coffee or food. Trust me). But I am not working for them, either. And I have told Carlos Hernandez and Tony Vega and anybody else that if they want to invite me to lunch or a cafecito, I will accept it.

    And if Hernandez wants to provide me with a desk and free wifi and a printer and help me get documents, then I will start hanging out there instead of the fire union office. Ladra might miss her handlers, especially the loud ones like her, but she would prefer to work out of City Hall. They just won't invite her to.

  29. Lickerpoet   September 20, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    —>> Paula N Dominguez. From your post it is fairly obvious that English is not your native tongue, or perhaps was not your primary language.
    I will not comment on the quality of your English grammar, because I would not like to be judged on my ability to communicate by the written word solely in Spanish. I applaud your political vigor and support for a man that you believe in. You have only 23 years of experience (heck, I don't want a young lady that is too experienced). The man that you know through your interaction with, may not be the same man that others see, over many years and in different circumstances. Though this is not my blog to welcome you to, I welcome your comments and appreciate any young person who is interested enough in local government to voice their opinion in public. But…but…
    employing ad hominem attacks …that is..
    to attack an opponent's motives or character rather than the policy or position they maintain, this does not further your cause.
    By denigrating Ladra, who has a proven track record of journalistic excellence; only serves to denigrate yourself. Please explain to us about the Tony Vega that you know, who cares about his community; and we will all be better informed. Again, thank you , for your input, and Tony is a lucky man…un hombre have such a spirited young lady in his corner.

  30. Ladra, the public watch dog   September 20, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    And Paula, what I said about iffy absentee ballots was that Sasha Tirador, the AB queen of Hialeah, would likely also collect them FOR Tony Vega. It is the way things have been done in Hialeah for years. You are 23 and have been voting for five years. I am going to be 46 and am a political junkie and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist whose second team Pulitzer was for investigative journalism that overturned a Miami election for absentee ballot and voter fraud. I think I win this argument. I support Danny because he has admitted his mistakes and turned his life around. He wants to serve the citizens. Mr. Vega was criticizing this very administration a few months ago. Now he is friends with them. I find that quality something I do not look for in my political leaders.

  31. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    Ladra what you don't understand is that Tony Vega has been a quiet helper of anybody that has him for assistance he has a vast following of people that know him from his acts of kindness including monetary. So you see when when he switched to seat 3 to run against Vivian Casals-Munoz and Danny Bolanos the option for those of us that have had the pleasure to know him the option was very simple. chose between an implicated councilwoman a disgraced cop that beat civilians and shot others or Mr Vega a person with no record and know to help without seeking anything in exchange. The option is simple Mr Vega wins hands Down. Mike Alonso 5435 West 14 lane (rear efficiency apt) 65 retired and a veteran.

  32. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    Elaine I've never seen you post something so long and apologetic about yourself none of us knew that you worked out of the fire union's office until some anonymous poster revealed this information. This fact really does lend credence to the fact that you may be getting paid by the union. I'm very saddened to learn that this may actually be true, if so you may not be such an independent voice after all. This information REALLY diminishes you as a source of "tell it like it is" reporting. Sad in Hialeah.
    1665 west 68 st

  33. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    What a coincidence that Daniel Bolanos is the official union candidate. Elaine was told to back this sewer rat. If the fire union wants to expose us to the likes of Bolanos it just proves that our boys in red are really just out for themselves and their heavy salary and benefits. To hell with hialeah as long as we get our Cash!!!!! Now we know what's up!!!!

  34. Ladra, the public watch dog   September 20, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    Miles, I don't know where you have been because EVERYONE knows that I stop at least two or three times a week and use my laptop at the fire union office. I was there today, but not yesterday, where I worked out of the fourth floor bench at City Hall. I also work out of Maruch or the Starbuck's on 16th and 49th Street (free wifi). I also work out of Coral Gables City Hall or the Pinecrest community center when I work there because they have free wifi, too. I don't have an office. I have a laptop and work wherever I am gathering information. Like I said, if Mr. Vega wants to provide me with a small space where I can plop my laptop and file from Hialeah before heading home in traffic, I will work from there also. I go where I am invited and feel welcome.

    Nobody buys your foolish garbage. I am not getting paid, like I said (but it is a great business idea I am now working on, so thanks!), and I have not been told to back anyone. It has not even been suggested. In fact, the firefighters consistently tell me that I can write about anything I want and support whoever I want. (And I can tell you for a fact that they do not love all my posts and THIS one, for example, is not a favorite). I also decided to back Danny Bolaños and Alex Morales on my own, before the union. And, I am likely NOT going to support someone in their slate that the fire union may support. I don't know, and guess what? I don't care. We do not have to support the same people and don't even discuss that. We simply support the same goal: Transparency and financial accountability with public tax dollars. Or do you have a problem reading, Miles?

    This is not so long for me, and not really apologetic either. It's explanatory because I feel like I have to spell things out and put them in context so the people you are trying to confuse with your silly, ridiculous allegations that have no base (who is paying YOU to say these things?). People who know me and who know what I am doing know it's bull. Those who don't, will see it in due time as my honesty and integrity do not change over the campaigns, but remains consistent. What are you going to resort to when you don't agree with me then and you want to tear me down? How will you sell your point of view without trying to discredit another?

  35. Ladra, the public watch dog   September 20, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    Just to clarify, in case someone wants to turn some words against me: Every once in a while, there is a person or group who tells me how great I am. I always say, "That won't last. You will hate me one day when I write something bad about you or your candidate." The firefighters who I speak with regularly have told me time and time again that will not happen with them. They say I can write about whatever I want and support whoever I want and that THEY WILL CONTINUE to support me and appreciate me if I remain honest and continue to seek truth and to put it in context. This is something I have to believe. Because I can't be the ONLY honest person around.

  36. Ladra, the public watch dog   September 20, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    Mike Alonso, are you saying that Mr. Vega buys his votes and support? What else is "monetary assistance?"

  37. Anonymous   September 20, 2011 at 11:02 pm

    Elaine I'm really disappointed in this revelation. You can't possibly be a credible reporter of all things clear if you work out of the office of one of the most interested parties. I mean seriously it's hard to believe that you can be impartial while you're "chilling" with the firemen. Knowing this fact I really understand why Mr. Vega doesn't "want to waste his time" with trying to win you over as a supporter. You have in a matter of 24 hours become diminished and I dare say irrelevant in the way you report and endorse candidates in this race. If I were him I'd honestly Just ignore you. I met Vega yesterday when he knocked on my door and he was very humble polite and well spoken. My mother asked very hard/rude questions and he was very forthcoming with his answers. I've never
    met Bolanos other than on the evening need and Vivian Casals has been absent for years. We have a Tony Vega sign outside 13th court and 60 street. Our votes (3) are with Vega. I can't take a chance on Bolanos and Vivian is non existent.
    Sparks Park

  38. Ladra, the public watch dog   September 20, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    Again, Emilio, I will work anywhere I am welcome. I first came into the fire union office while covering the county mayoral race after they read my blog and invited me to come look over documents they have. I have since returned time and time again because they are good sources of information. Reliable, true facts with documentation. I spend almost as much time at City Hall, but do not get half the truth and information that I get from the firefighters (and some police officers as well, though I really can't work out of THERE can I). Would you have me NOT work out of somewhere because THEY are biased? Then I couldn't work out of anywhere. That is ridiculous. They sometimes step outside when I am there for a little while, again, not the whole day, or I step outside if I have to take a phone call. The same thing happens when I go to a law enforcement agency and make calls or take notes on my laptop there. I do not understand what the big deal is. It's not like I am going to "absorb" their point of view. In fact, maybe it will put me in a position to "catch them" in whatever deeds you all suspect them of. I am telling you, come by any time, because all you will see is people hard at work to uncover the truth. Whether I am there or not.

  39. Ladra, the public watch dog   September 20, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    By the way, I have spent some time speaking with Ramiro Sicre, who is NOT on the Back to the Future dream team and I think I like him. I have not decided whether to support him or Julio Martinez — who is the Raul Martinez pick and, the firefighter haters would have you believe the union's pick too. I will likely support Sicre. Haven't decided yet. But he is definitely worth considering more. So you are wrong about me. I would consider Mr. Vega more if he were not a mouthpiece for the current administration who suddenly got all his code enforcement situations fixed (more on that later) and is using anonymous friends or staffers on facebook to attack not only his opponents, but myself. That is what this candidate is about so far. In my eyes. Because, as you said is correct, he won't waste his time with me. I guess that is what you want from your elected officials: Someone who just dismisses anybody who does not share his or her point of view.

  40. Ladra, the public watch dog   September 20, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    Oh, and the more on that later will come with documents (read: code enforcement violations for building without a permit, et al) and, lo and behold, photographs.

  41. Ladra, the public watch dog   September 20, 2011 at 11:32 pm

    FYI: Mr. Vega also wrote this post by MiamiGunRange on a shooting enthusiast's site or blog last year, when he was fighting the city after they cited him for an illegal gun range.

    I say "may have" because he now denied it to me. Said anybody could have written it. I guess anybody claiming to be the owner of his gun shop COULD HAVE written it. But how likely is THAT? It sounds to me like Vega won't be accountable for his actions, or responsible for his words. Which include this later comment on the same May, 2010 blog, written just after he was cited in April:

    "Folks it's a really bad empty feeling when your elected officials turn their noses at you.
    I have spent the last 2 days at city hall and the reception has been very mild. Luckily I made a few donations during election season and those guys were more receptive…"

    Ladra can't help but wonder what the donations to him during THIS election season will make him more "receptive" to. And I wish your mom had that information before so she could ask more hard questions, Emilio.

    Sorry if you think these things are irrelevant. But I would rather have a former cop who made mistakes and owns up to them than a flip-flopping, permit-shirker (he hates that) who denies his own words and sends anonymous or cutely-named fictitious characters on facebook to attack me because I dared ask him about these things and point out his similarities with the current crazies in office. You are free to throw away your three votes on someone like this if you like. But Vega has to show me MUCH more to prove he would be a good elected up there. Danny already has, with honesty and integrity and by not denying his past or his brother, for whom he cannot and should not be expected to take responsibility but who he will not abandon. That sounds like a good trait to me. Everything he does NOW makes him the right candidate. And I did not get paid one cent to say that.

  42. Julissa Diaz   September 21, 2011 at 9:55 am

    You know it really is comical that you say that Mr. Vega "insists on a lie" when you do EXACTLY that Ms. Ladra you scream and yell and accuse and when the person who is the victim of you verbal attack tries to explain or even talk you YELL louder than them and tell them they are lying so I can only imagine the scream fest that went on at Miami Guns sorry I missed it. AND NO I am not a Vega fan a man who "cried like a little GIRL" when they told him they were closing down his shop for having an ILLEGAL SHOOTING RANGE, they were putting people's lives at risk (you may want to look into that). But to my point you Ms. Ladra go in with an agenda and when you don't get the answers you are looking for and the gottcha you were waiting for YOU LOSE IT just like you did with Mr. Robaina outside the radio studios of 670am, where you were screaming and yelling like a MAD woman and not letting him even speak or explain, please excuse me if he refused to talk to you if you did that to ANYONE they would run the other way you are incapable of listening to anyone else's reasons or opinions unless they reflect you own. I don't think you are on the take or on the payroll for Raul Martinez nor did I think you were being paid by the Gimenez camp I really do just think you hate Robaina and everyone you assume he controls. That is your right is this great country we live in. But again PLEASE as I said to Lickerpoet PLEASE don't pretend to know who he is because you are making judgements that you are not in least bit qualified to do OF ANYONE you write about so just stick to the facts (albeit as you see them) and keep entertaining US!

  43. Anonymous   September 21, 2011 at 10:14 am

    How is Robaina doing by the way? Still hiding in his condo on the beach?

  44. Anonymous   September 21, 2011 at 10:19 am

    Julissa, always good to see how easily entertained you are… I bet you probably enjoy watching reruns of “Que Pasa USA”
    You must be a cheap date…

  45. Anonymous   September 21, 2011 at 10:38 am

    To my adoring fan,

    I find arguing with you amusing because you prove time and again how little resides in that skull of yours.

    Let's start with A.
    A)I prefaced my comments with this:

    "Whoever this person above is has some fetish with me (assuming it's the same person as in the other posts but after all there's no one else who would feel compelled to bring me up time and again)."

    Clearly if you're that person from my previous debate then it follows that my comments are directed at you. But, if I do have you confused, well then it's not meant for you is it now? I am now convinced that regardless of who you are, at the very least you're related to the other knucklehead to whom I will now apply the nickname of "Cunt" since were doling those out these days.

    Finally on this point, I felt compelled to comment because clearly I've left an impression on you and the fact that you keep bringing me up proves that and I find toying with you amusing but no mas.

    B) You have short term or selective memory (If you're Cunt). I accepted your challenge to find the part where you (or Cunt) decided to stoop so low on the credibility scale (ie let your child level debate skills come forward) when they actually responded how long it took to write something and in so doing answer what was clearly an attack not an actual point (though whoever Cunt is quickly brushed up on their spelling and grammar).Below please find the easy copy and paste job from the earlier article "Lago Leaves Job for Hialeah Seat" where you or Cunt did indeed respond with how long it took you to write a post (which is hysterical by the way lol).

    Anonymous said…

    Pansy… my comments were short and to the point. They were a response to your huffing and puffing. Unless you have a new definition of “whining” that’s what you were doing through your trivial and superfluous ranting. BTW, it took me about 45 seconds to write this comment and about 35 seconds for the previous one…

    September 4, 2011 4:17 PM

    There you have it. I am not pulling this out of my ass.

    C) That tone of righteousness is actually not that at all. Hell arrogance would be a better term but in fact it's intelligence. At this point though it's pretty obvious why the latter term escaped your mental grasp.

    I'm gonna keep my nickname and keep posting as Pansy because coming from you it's like a hunting trophy. You're an easy kill.

    Now I'm gonna try to elevate this discussion by bringing some opinions on the relevant article because I'm done toying with you, clearly you're not cut out for the world of politics…much less Hialeah politics.

    Goodbye my love,


  46. Anonymous   September 21, 2011 at 10:46 am

    This seems in my view Sasha's take on the old maxim, "Divide and Conquer." She has extensive political relationships and if I were her I'd exploit that to hedge my bets. I mean seriously, who wants Lourdes Lozano as a candidate? She's weak and Alex will pretty much take the seat. If she can get a little something from Alex and the incumbents it's a win win for her.

    She could also be feeling out the other side. You can learn a lot by a person's body language and tone. You can tell if they're doing well if they project confidence or if they're nervous. Having met a few of the candidates so far you can tell who's doing pretty well and who's thinking (oh shit what did I get into).


  47. Julissa Diaz   September 21, 2011 at 11:18 am

    I can assure you I am not a cheap date but I guess you'll never know 😉

  48. Lickerpoet   September 21, 2011 at 11:28 am

    Not a cheap date? How much do you charge then?

  49. Ladra, the public watch dog   September 21, 2011 at 11:39 am

    Julissa, my dear, I have no idea what you are talking about. While I do admit to getting somewhat frustrated and shouting questions to Mr. Hernandez when he ignores me at City Hall, I never had any kind of confrontation with Mr. Robaina outside 670 AM. In fact, the only public verbal sparring we did was outside the University of Miami after a debate when he refused to talk to me for Channel 23 (I was working freelance for them) and actually tried to get me fired. But I was not yelling that he was lying. I was saying loudly to anyone who couldh hear that he was so scared of me that he wouldn't even answer basic, banal questions about the most cordial debate there had been so far. So, I don't know who you are confusing me with. There was no shouting match at Miami Guns, even though I did raise my voice when I insisted I do not work for anyone. Yeah, I become indignant. I think you should too.

  50. Julissa Diaz   September 21, 2011 at 11:53 am

    C'mn Licker your better than that??!! LOL..

  51. Julissa Diaz   September 21, 2011 at 11:58 am

    Sorry Ladra may next time I should have a camera for evidence but either way I do become indignant at times but find that asking questions in a tone of voice that is neither accusatory or "raised" helps me when speaking with others, just a tip, but I can see you do just fine too….

  52. Responder   September 21, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    Apparently many people on this thread just started reading your blog. They seemed shocked that you are so visibly and unabashedly on one side of this election. Elaine, your losing credibility by the day. You are supporting a candidate that has more baggage than Michelle Spence Jones. Let me ask you a question that a fourth grader can answer. If you constantly denigrate Carlos and, all but put a banner on your page for the Martinez slate (no cute nicknames, the slate is what it is), do you think he should be friendly to you? Would you be? 

    Honestly, ask someone who doesn't follow Hialeah politics and ask them to read the last two months of your posts. They will tell you that you are moving further and further to one side. 

    You have yet to even agree with me that the firefighters need to accept concessions and that all the remaining employees, underpaid as THEY ALL ARE, took their medicine. 

    I agree that certain employees may have been given "botellas" when they were hired. The answer is so what??? The positions are not the "botellas", their hiring to that position may have been. These people just don't sit around and drink cafecito. Grow up, people who work for the mayor work for the mayor. Did Raul's people not support them when he campaigned. The remaing so called botella workers actually do put in time and serve a purpose for the city. Raul had his people and every mayor will do the exact same. This happens in every city, county, state and even at the federal level. It's part of the process, whether right or wrong. So spare everyone your one sided indignation. Again, stop with the bullshit and deflection and atleast report the other side every now and then.

    Your pissed off, like the union and Raul, that Carlos has actually made some impressive POLITICAL moves. Hell, I'll admit I've been surpised. Demagoguery? Certainly at times. Craven? Some of them. But the facts are the facts, the public is behind the push against the unions. When you see a liberal paper, like the Miami Herald, going after the unions it's obvious that public wants decisive action.

    You've sold your soul to Martinez, maybe not for money, but sold it regardless. He is the personification of the antithesis for everything "ladra" was created to fight against. 

    Last question, wherever they are passing out this Raul kool-aid let me know please so I can taste it…

  53. Ladra, the public watch dog   September 21, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    I am unabashedly biased against Hernandez's ridiculous lies and political retribution and cronyism and financial gifts in no-bid contracts to friends and campaign contributors. I did not START this way. But he has consistently lied or refused to give information. More than two months ago, I asked how much of the $8 million in the bank was in unencumbered funds not earmarked for special enterprise funds and he stopped the press conference right there and said that had to be asked in writing. The other reporters could not believe it. I didn't shout. I didn't call him names. He has me investigated and then denies it. But I will still talk with him if he wants to show me how this threat to fire firefighters is legit… except that he can't. Because it is not. Everyone knows that I am open-minded (my critics call it wishy-washy) and the total truth is that I can be convinced I am wrong so far. But nobody wants to step up to that challenge. Instead of looking for the kool-aid (I only drink coffee and Diet Coke), why don't you try to broker a meeting where he actually answers questions without saying "this is a balanced budget" like a robot? Am I supposed to not call him for the liar he is when he dodges around real questions and does things like investigate me and others? Please. I am honest about how I feel and what I think and that should be appreciated. I have no hidden agenda. I just want the truth. He is afraid of it.

  54. Anonymous   September 21, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    Pansy… you are pulling it out of your ass. A fat one, I would gather. As you can see below, the only reason I made mention of time in writing, was because you spoke about it first… (see Pansy’s comment at bottom). Anyhow, I think you have bigger issues to deal with like selective amnesia, poor judgment, meager reasoning skills and emotional challenges. Having said that, and understanding you’re finished toying around with my persona, I think you and I could enjoy a cold beer and a few good laughs.

    Anonymous said…

    Hey fourth post. How about you take some of your own medicine and provide substance not that short and totally defensive crap that took you an hour to edit. Calling me a pansy while whining. Grow a pair, stop talking, and actually give some real reasons for your position.

    September 4, 2011 12:44 PM

  55. Anonymous   September 21, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    Why would hernandez give you a interview? You are a joke that has lost all creditability!!! Go get a job and start paying your bills.

  56. Anonymous   September 21, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    lol you just pulled a "I know you are but what am I argument" from elementary. Yes that much is obvious that it was your response but again it was an insult not something for you to respond to seriously but again that is why this was entertaining for so long. Oh and I'm glad you've virtually admitted you were wrong since you did challenge me to prove that you had done something you claimed you didn't do. You get points for that on the maturity scale but you're still too short to ride on the roller coaster called Hialeah politics. At any rate thank you for the offer.



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