Hialeah council’s criminal cuts

Just when you thought the election season in Hialeah could not get more surreal, the Seguro Que Yes council passed su alcaldito Carlos Hernandez’s bogus 2011-2012 city budget Wednesday night calling for the illogical and unnecessary termination of 105 of 271 firefighter paramedic positions despite a packed house of protestors and a barrage of honest, researched, logical and impassioned pleas from residents, employees, […]

Big $$ already in Dist. 13 race

Three other people have stepped up to challenge former State Rep. Esteban Bovo (Rep. Dist 110) for the seat at county commission district 13, vacated by the recall of veteran Natacha Seijas. They are Alan Rigerman, a middle school teacher who lives with big cats and has fought rock mining in Northwest Dade; Tania Castellanos […]