District 7 race heads to court

Early voters in South Miami, Pinecrest and Coral Gables who cast ballots already for a new Miami-Dade commissioner in District 7, may have wasted their time. A circuit court judge could cancel that race on Monday. Attorney Ricardo Corona, better known for a late-night TV show that dispenses legal advice to call-in viewers, filed a […]

Robaina sets huge $$ race lead

Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina, one of the front runners in the race to replace recalled county mayor Carlos Alvarez, has raised more than $611,000 for the election bid. That’s more than twice as much as former commissioner Carlos Gimenez, who resigned this week to run for the top post, and quite a leap frog jump […]

Email for Voice PAC in lawsuit

The Miami Lakes dentist leading the recall effort against Mayor Michael “Muscles” Pizzi filed yet another lawsuit Monday stemming from his ongoing public battle with the one-time activist lawyer. But instead of Pizzi, (standing in the photo at the Miami Lakes library with a misspelled PAC sign), David Bennett this time sued Constant Contact for […]

Big $$ already in Dist. 13 race

Three other people have stepped up to challenge former State Rep. Esteban Bovo (Rep. Dist 110) for the seat at county commission district 13, vacated by the recall of veteran Natacha Seijas. They are Alan Rigerman, a middle school teacher who lives with big cats and has fought rock mining in Northwest Dade; Tania Castellanos […]

11 mayoral wannabes by the bell

Eleven candidates finally qualified to run for county mayor by the 5 p.m. deadline today, including four additional names that were new ones — in this race, anyway. Wilbur Bell and Gabrielle Redfern, who ran for Miami Beach mayor and commissioner last year but lost, filed and qualified. So did Eddie Lewish, who ran for […]

Pizzi? Penelas? Oh, please!

Relax candidates, former county mayor Alex Penelas will pass. Ladra is going to go out on a limb here and predict that all that huffing and puffing won’t pan out. Penelas might be putting his name out there for another election later on. But we don’t think someone as savvy as he would enter a […]

Brito’s attack apology lame

We need to get out of here for another hot scoop on a state rep race but must post this first: After Ladra noted earlier today that Miami Voice PAC chair Vanessa Brito, who led the recall against former commissioner Natacha Seijas, had allegedly denied her involvement in another PAC’s negative attack ad against Commissioner […]

Gimenez stays; Moreno goes?

After another high-profile candidate threw himself into the mayoral race last week and speculation grew that other big names would follow — notably former mayors Alex Penelas (Miami-Dade) and Raul Martinez (Hialeah) — some observers whispered Commissioner Carlos Gimenez, a front runners in the special election next month, might drop out. Gimenez told Ladra this […]