Rep. Carlos Trujillo draws protests over anti-immigrant bill

Rep. Carlos Trujillo draws protests over anti-immigrant bill

Immigrant rights groups are not only angry that there is new legislation in Tallahassee that would make it a felony for illegal immigrants to stay in Florida after they get deportation orders. They are also upset that the bill’s champion is a Cuban-American from Miami. And they are comparing Rep. Carlos Trujillo (R-Doral) to GOP […]

Mayor, Miami Heat bait and switch to ‘better deal’ for who?

Mayor, Miami Heat bait and switch to ‘better deal’ for who?

One after the other, Miami-Dade Commissioners who voted in favor of a new agreement with the Miami Heat owners for the operation and maintenance of the AmericanAirlines Arena downtown said it was better than the last deal they heard about. It’s become like that other mantra: “It’s better than the Marlins deal.” Nevermind that the […]

Mayor’s town hall tour takes off

Hours after announcing his new $1.2 million (and counting) senior staff, days after he proposed the elimination of 1,300 positions and cuts for the rest, and exactly one month after he was elected in a close and caustic race, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez pretty much coasted through the first town hall meeting on his hurried […]

Gimenez hires "deputy mayor"

This breaking news just in: An hour or two after Jose Mallea called Ladra to tell her he was only going to be the interim chief of staff for new Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, Ladra gets the word that Key Biscayne Village Manager Genaro “Chip” Iglesias — the mayor’s former chief of staff when he […]

Campaign man turns lobbyist

The heated campaign for county mayor seems to beaten down JC Flores. He’s done with political promotion, he says. Now he wants to promote to politicos. After what some might call his greatest achievement ever — taking an underdog candidate with somewhat lackluster public speaking skills to the second highest post in the state — […]

Oath taken today, test tomorrow

Although he has been at work since the day after the election and was sworn in privately so he could really start talking with authority to the unions and his staff, Mayor Carlos Gimenez (photographed here sitting next to his wife, Lourdes, between speeches) was sworn in at a public ceremony Wednesday that was more […]

The tiny margin that mattered

The high-priced consultants and image brokers, communicators and veteran political advisers to our new mayor Carlos Gimenez certainly helped him win that narrow victory last week against the one-time front runner with three times the bankroll. But, in the end, despite what some 1A stories may say, the win came down to Hialeah’s own team […]

Gimenez officially mayor Friday

In a quick and private, informal ceremony, Carlos Gimenez is expected to be sworn in this afternoon in front of his wife, his parents, his mother-in-law, his sister-in-law — all the retirees, essentially — and Judge Ivan Fernandez, who will administer the oath and make him the mayor. Photographed here at his victory party with […]

‘Neutral’ activist worked for mayor

The chairwoman of the Miami Voice recall PAC, Vanessa Brito, has repeatedly said she was going to stay neutral in the mayoral race and has been made a media darling — including a Best Local Activist nod from New Times, which apparently does not vet its best candidates — for her role (read: paid Norman […]

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