We can’t trust dishonest Jorge Fors

We can’t trust dishonest Jorge Fors
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When it comes down to it — and there are less than 24 hours to vote — we can’t trust Jorge Fors with the future of Coral Gables.

This is a man who cheats on his property taxes for eight or nine years in a row — filling out a bogus homestead exemption on a Little Havana condo each March. A man who doesn’t respect the democratic vote of a group of Little Gables residents and thinks he knows better and wants to impose his will.  A man who hides behind a mystery PAC to smear his opponent without disclosing who is funding those lies.

“This is the first time in Coral Gables that I see this negative campaigning with blatant lies based out of a shadow Trojan horse PAC,” said Commissioner Vince Lago, who is supporting former Commissioner Ralph Cabrera in the race (as is Commissioner Pat Keon).

“The idea that you can just be ambiguous and attempt to destroy not only someone’s political career but their character… that to me is unacceptable,” Lago said, adding that he is concerned about the PAC’s investment.

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There have been at least five mystery mailers sent for Fors by the Jensen Beach-based Leadership for Florida’s Future political action committee since mid March — but nobody knows who paid for them. That’s at least a $50,000 investment from a special interest that wishes to remain hidden for some reason that can’t be good.

“This is a serious financial commitment to the impact of a campaign,” Lago said. “Who would want to make that impact?”

That’s a really good question. Who is Fors going to work for if elected? How can voters trust him not lie, cheat or steal the taxpayers’ money?

Sure, Ralph Cabrera has his faults but nothing like that. He’s moody and can be sarcastic. He doesn’t mince words and is brutally honest. He won’t just tell people what they want to hear. An insurance consultant, Cabrera is a little nerdy and anxious. He is both self-deprecating while sometimes having a chip on his shoulder. If you cross him, he might write you off.

But Ladra would say those are slight faults and most could be beneficial in a public official.

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The key word is honest. He would never cheat on taxes or lie about a homestead exemption — if only because it would haunt him 24/7.

And he loves Coral Gables. All he wants to do is protect the city from over-development and help it move forward with smart initiatives. He did a lot during his 12 years on the commission and, before that he served on the planning and zoning board and other committees. He wants to keep the quaint quality of life that he and his family have enjoyed for decades.

Jorgie-Come-Lately, who bought a house a year ago, hasn’t done anything for the city. He hasn’t even sat on a committee. He has no track record — except the negative campaign he’s run — and zero history in Coral Gables civic life. Ladra believes he hasn’t even been to one commission meeting.

Most of all, he has proven before and throughout the campaign to be dishonest. When it comes down to it, we don’t really know who he is. And we don’t really know who is behind him.

That is why we can’t trust Jorge Fors.

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  1. Jack Thompson   April 23, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    John B. Thompson, J.D., M.A.
    5721 Riviera Drive
    Coral Gables, Florida 33146
    305-666-4366, cell 305-588-3005

    April 23, 2019

    Code Enforcement
    City of South Miami
    South Miami, Florida Via e-mail to code@southmiamifl.gov

    Re: Illegal Placement of Coral Gables Election Yard Signs in South Miami and in
    South Miami Rights-of-Way

    Dear South Miami Code Enforcement:

    An attorney by the name of Jorge Fors is running for an open seat on the Coral Gables Commission. Mr. Fors has just emailed voters on this election run-off day to state that
    “I am called to serve our city.”

    I am not sure who has called him, but I am quite certain he was not “called” to violate the law. In that regard please note that Mr. Fors has multiple campaign yard signs placed in South Miami and in South Miami’s right-of-way on the south side of Sunset Drive. I include with this letter a picture of one of these illegally placed signs.

    Mr. Fors has also illegally placed his yard signs in Coconut Grove on the east side of Douglas Road in that City’s (Miami’s) public right-of-way as well.

    In addition to being “called” (maybe by campaign sign manufacturers) Mr. Fors states that he will single-handedly restore “integrity” to the governance of Coral Gables. I am quite certain that “integrity” does not include violating electioneering rules.

    Please proceed against Mr. Fors for what amounts to littering–and worse.

    Regards, Jack Thompson

    Copies: The Florida Bar
    Coral Gables officials