Coral Gables explores more development along U.S. 1

Coral Gables explores more development along U.S. 1
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Looks like developers saw the Coral Gables Commission pass the controversial Paseo de la Rivieraus1 development and started salivating at the mouth.

Because now, Coral Gables city officials are working with an architectural firm to develop a South Dixie Corridor Master Plan for existing and potential future redevelopment opportunities along 2.5 miles of U.S. 1 that goes through the City Beautiful. Key word: Potential. The idea, the city says, is to creat a new “Coral Gables Corridor” with a “unique experience” for drivers, transit users, pedestrians and cyclists — all along one of the most traversed and congested thoroughfares in Miami-Dade.

And the Riviera Neighborhood Association — whose members have sued to stop the Paseo project — is back up in arms. Because they know that the idea really is to build more projects like the hotel and apartment complex planned for the Holiday Inn property that was passed by the commission in 2015.

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Most members will be at tonight’s meeting, even though the community was split in half for two meetings, “whether by accident or design,” according to an email from the RNA. “Whether by accident or design, the meeting invitations split the Riviera Neighborhood into two separate meetings,” said the email sent Sunday, with copious use of exclamation marks. “We stand together to have our united voice heard and tomorrow night, our voice will be heard!”

The group wants the city to stick to its current zoning codes and land use designations, without any of the overlays like “multi-use” or “transit oriented development,” which they correctly identify as code words for upzoning.

“The developers love the ‘overlays’  because they allow them to build whatever they want and give cover to our commissioners who love the developers!”

The Riviera Neighborhood Association wasn’t able to stop the Paseo Paseo2project (rendering to the right) from getting approved 4-1, with Commissioner Jeannett Slesnick being the only no in December of 2015. But their lawsuit certainly has kept developers from breaking ground. Paseo attorneys tried to have the court dismiss the case, which says that the changes made are inconsistent with the city’s master plan, but the circuit court judge denied their motion. Now, they are appealing that decision.

And, apparently, the city is changing that master plan. 

Tonight’s meeting at 6 p.m. is the first of three community meetings the city planned for residents and “stake holders” to chime in on this new Master Plan. It’s at the Holiday Inn where the Paseo project is supposed to be, 1350 South Dixie Hwyd. Expect some developers and lobbyists to be there. They’ll be the quiet ones.

Ladra guesses the city is looking at the south side of U.S. 1 because the north side is where the county is planning to develop the Underline, a linear park and bikepath from Dadeland Station to Brickell.

Wednesday, the meeting starts at 6 p.m. at Shannon Rolle Center, 3750 S. Dixie Highway and Thursday it’s back at the Holiday Inn.

For questions, contact the City of Coral Gables Economic Development Department at 305-460-5311 or visit:

2 Responses to "Coral Gables explores more development along U.S. 1"

  1. Sandra Levinson   February 15, 2017 at 4:47 pm

    A heartfelt thank you for your very informative and accurate blog on the issue of the redevelopment of the 2.5 mile “corridor” along US 1 in Coral Gables! We do not need or want another DOWNTOWN DADELAND to represent the CITY OF CORAL GABLES. The Gables has always been a class act … and we want to keep it that way.
    Why has our community always been desirable and known all over the world for it’s
    beauty and quality of life for our residents… Not a Mecca for out of scale development
    by developers and the existing city commissioners. Can we wake up before it’s too late?? Residents certainly hope so.

  2. Lillian   February 16, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    Well written and right on the money… THANKS FOR ‘getting to the real issue!”
    and getting the word out…


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