Miami-Dade gives Donald Trump his bridge for 10 years

Miami-Dade gives Donald Trump his bridge for 10 years
  • Sumo

He may not have gotten his hands on our public golf course, but President Donald Trump gets to keep a golf cart bridgedoral4and pedestrian bridge on Miami-Dade property for the next ten years.

And it only cost the millionaire leader of the free world $7,200, which the county said was fair market price.

Quietly and without any fanfare, Miami-Dade Commissioners on Tuesday authorized the “conveyance of a temporary aerial easement” across Northwest 97th Avenue at 52nd Street to Trump Endeavor 12, one of the president’s, er, his son’s companies, so they can continue to use a pedestrian bridge — for people and golf carts — they built with a permit and have been using since the World Golf Championship in 2014.

In 2015, Mayor Carlos Gimenez suggested giving the county’s beautiful Crandon Park golf course to the Trump organization to run — during the time his son, CJ Gimenez, was working as a lobbyist for them. The plan, which was hatched quietly between the mayor’s office and Trump’s people, was quashed after the community balked.

Maybe keeping the bridge is a consolation prize.

2 Responses to "Miami-Dade gives Donald Trump his bridge for 10 years"

  1. Victor   February 10, 2017 at 3:07 am

    I thought he was banned? Seriously, what happened to that? How could they let this happen? I would like to sign up for property deals in this fair market of theirs….

  2. Nacho Libre   February 11, 2017 at 1:29 pm

    Anyone that traverses 97th Avenue; I do, whether north or south at its junction with NW 52nd street will tell you the “aerial easement” across this thoroughfare serves a necessary public safety function. Absent it, pedestrians, golf cart operators and motorists traveling on this avenue would be in peril due to the inevitable vehicular crashes that can and will occur. Obviating one crash with injuries, one southbound car going into the adjacent canal, swerving to avoid a collision, with the driver and or passenger(s) drowning, more than justifies the deal. Besides, it is not aesthetically unpleasing, blending well with its botanical surroundings.


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