Mayor’s lackey gets 62% pay hike for campaign work

Mayor’s lackey gets 62% pay hike for campaign work
  • Sumo

While most of the post election talk in Hialeah has centered around the victims of Mayor Carlos Hernandez and his vengeful abuse of power, there are some (like the new police chief) who have benefited from their new boss.

But nobody won the lotto like Arnie Alonso, photographed here nodding for the mayor during early voting at JFK in October.

The one-time city parks employee, who beat accusations that he stole vendor monies and rose through the ranks under former Mayor Julio Robaina‘s reign, went from being the mayor’s assistant before the November elections to “chief of staff” now — a promotion that apparently comes with a 62 percent raise.

Yes, at the same time as firefighters, cops and street employees have their paychecks cut by five and 10 and 17 percent, the mayor’s main lackey gets a $25,000 a year bonus — basically for watching his boss’ butt.

Well, that’s one way to compensate the unpaid leave of absence he ostensibly took while campaigning for the mayor during last year’s re-election and serving as his spokesman, which I guess was training since he still does that now. The mayor did not return Ladra’s call, but Alonso did. He told me to ask for public records regarding his raise and his job description, because as is his public servant habit now, he refuses to tell me anything. Very professional.

“What you said about my resume, that worked,” he quipped, referring to a long ago post when I was sure su alcaldito would lose and showing he does have a little sense of humor. But he also hung up before I could ask him anything else. Why are they still so afraid of Ladra? There won’t be another election until 2013!

Well, according to City Clerk David Concepcion, Alonso went from an annual salary of $40,200 a year to just over $65,000. Monthly, his paycheck has gone from just over $3,000 to almost $5,500.

I guess when Hernandez says these are “tough economic times,” he only means it for some. Not for Arnie. It’s an economic boom for Arnie.

Alonso would not tell me how his job changed and, instead, suggested I file a public records request. Well, that may be boring. And besides, it wouldn’t mean anything. Last year, when he was “sdocial service family assistance supervisor, the position called for him to refer people to social services, conduct comprehensive client assessments, recruit and train volunteers, provide job referrals, coordinate community resources and a load of other crap that everybody knows he didn’t do.

Arnie does the mayor’s dirty work. Everybody knows this.

Maybe that’s why Absentee Ballot Queen Sasha Tirador dumped him after just a short fling. He may have some money now — but he still has no stature.


3 Responses to "Mayor’s lackey gets 62% pay hike for campaign work"

  1. petronilo   April 17, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    It looks like both bubble heads are nodding for the mayor but I think one of them is Felipito, or another ….ito that won a city counsel seat.

    • Jose   January 19, 2017 at 3:01 pm

      The Cubans of Hialeah would be better off if the Italian Mafia ran the place instead of Cuban politicos .

      There would be less stealing and higher standards not just politically but also police .

      Hispanics in Miami simply REFUSE to see the truth .

  2. Jose   January 19, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    ZERO political standards with the Caribbean key stone policia defines the Cubans of Hialeah and they wouldn’t have it any other way ..

    ALL Hispanic ”tribes” recreate the same political corruption which we fled and Hialeah makes my point but the rest of Miami isn’t any different .

    It is a shame that Miami Cubans are mostly such self defeating, blind ethnic voters who think ethnic pride is voting for political crooks , the ”Cuban Cosa Nostra”.

    I say this as a Cuban born in Cuba so this isn’t about putting down Cubans per-se but sad how blind they are and the do nothing , self serving parasites MOST continue to re-elect .

    Btw, there are no Reps or Dems in Miami , just self serving Cuban con artists .

    Then again at least we vote which is more then an be said about the other politically apathetic Hispanic ”tribes”


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